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Indo Medical Supplies offers customers and their loved ones a wide range of different products and services, our team members value customer satisfaction and value for money. We specialise in medical supplies, medical equipment, medical accessories and more. This is why we always provide the friendliest service and great prices on medical supplies for you and your loved ones. Our caring staff is dedicated to bringing you satisfaction, and we uphold to the highest standards to ensure comfort and quality of life to our clients.

We are an ever-growing business, and the start-up of our local store was the first of many steps in ensuring our customers that they get the best value for their money and the best quality service. Contact us today to place an inquiry or put in an order online, and our team of professionals will provide you the services you require, as soon as possible.

Products and Services We Offer: Indo medical Supplies provide a wide range of products and services, 24/7 Customer Support, Door to Door Delivery, best affordable prices when compared with other stores in industries and more . Our products include patient monitors accessories, CTG Parts & accessories module, Battery, BP Cuff, Lamps, Ultrasound probes, Ventilator Parts and much more. We understand that you require services and products to ensure the health of yourself and your loved ones. This is why we are continually improving our range of products and build on our already strong customer service team.

Contact Our Team Today: We are based locally in India, and are an ever-growing franchise. If you or someone you love or know is in need of medical services or products, visit our store or call our friendly team today. Our team consists of multiple professionals with years of experience in the medical industry, and accept nothing short of perfection. Our team members are fully trained and licenced to provide customers with instant relief and satisfaction from whatever they need, making us a great choice for medical supplies.

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